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Casio CFX-9850G

Here's yet another calculator one. This one's for the Casio CFX-9850G. Simply press [a b/c], [F6], and [AC/ON] at the same time while the calculator is off. Then select a test from the menu!

Space Cadet Pinball

I'm sure you're familiar with Space Cadet Pinball. It's that pinball game that comes with Windows XP. Well, start a new game and while all the lights are blinking type in "hidden test" without the quotes. Then you can drag the ball around! Press H to add a new high score with one billion points.

"Merlin: The Tenth Quest" Handheld Game

I discovered these a while ago. Yes, I used the word these. And that means there must be more than one. There are actually two: a sound test and a display test. To enter one, you hold down the MERLIN (ON) button and press the associated number of the test mode you want. Then release MERLIN (ON). ;-)
Here are the numbers:

Sound test: 1
Display test: 2

For the sound test, it will simply play all of the sound effects and voice clips and the screen will be blank. The display test is a little more complicated. In here, several screen elements will turn on (could be all, not sure 'cause it broke (not from the test mode, it was from a failed mod attempt)). Pressing the 9 key will scroll through different test patterns and then eventually exit. But before the first time you press the 9 key, try buttons 1-8. They will set the contrast, and it will actually stay set to that!

BTW, I am planning on fixing it; it just needs a little solder.

Various TI Calculators

Here's another calculator one...er, several more calculator ones. I didn't post them all on here though, so here's a link to a website where they all are: http://www.rskey.org/~mwsebastian/selftest/ti_test.htm

I have tested one, however, and I will describe the procedure for that one, but I won't go into the details on how to use it, as it is all on that site. It is for the TI-83 Plus. I must warn you, however, that it will clear your RAM.

  1. Turn on your calculator and press MODE to open the mode screen.
  2. Type an S by pressing Alpha and then LN.

Casio fx Series Scientific Calculators

  1. Press Shift, 7, and ON at the same time.
  2. Press Shift to cycle through the display tests.
  3. When the screen shows a single 0, press Shift to turn it into a 1.
  4. Press Alpha to turn it into a 2
  5. I can't get it any farther than that on my fx-115MS.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Kenmore Ultra Wash Video

Here's another video repost. This one's about the Kenmore Ultra Wash.

HP Color LaserJet 2600n VIDEO

My first post on this blog, revisited. This time it's in video form!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Super Mario 64 DS Test Level Demo, Part 2

Here's another test level. This one's for Super Mario DS. Once again, you need an Action Replay.

SA2B Test Level

Yes, there is a test level in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I didn't make this video, but I have been to that level before I saw this video. I posted a comment showing how to access it, but you need an Action Replay.

Hold UP During Level Load Screen To Play The Following Level
108 Test Level BPMU-HT2R-X7BA2

It's pretty cool. Check it out!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Explorer series

The Explorer series is a series of cable boxes given out by many cable companies. It was made by Scientific-Atlanta. The 8300 version is similar to TiVo. It has many features, and one of those is a diagnostic display!
To access it, follow these instructions:
  1. Hold down the center or Select button on the 8300 until the mail light flashes.
  2. Press Info, either on the box or the remote.
  3. Use the page buttons on the remote or the volume buttons on the box to scroll through the screens.
  4. Press the B button on the remote if the cable box is on to set the transparency of the diagnostic screens
  5. Press the A button on the remote to enter memory-mapping mode.
The Explorer also has many other hidden features, so visit my Explorer 8300-centric blog at http://x8300.blogspot.com.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Kenmore Ultra Wash Dishwasher

Once I was playing around with the dishwasher and I discovered a test mode. It was actually before I had this blog, so when I just thought about it I was surprised that I hadn't already posted it! Well, here it is.

To enter test mode, while the door is closed and no cycle is in progress, press this sequence of buttons: WATER HEAT - NO HEAT DRY - WATER HEAT - NO HEAT DRY. The tests will then begin. Here they are:

  1. Bottom lights (but not the display) (2 seconds)
  2. Top lights (2 seconds)
  3. Display (2 seconds)
  4. Eight wash tests (Length unknown)
Pressing POTS/PANS will advance to the next test without requiring you to wait. After all 11 tests are complete, the CLEAN light will go on.

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